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Our Friends and Associates



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This page introduces some of our Friends and Associates.  We wholeheartedly endorse these people, and encourage all in our community to work with them.


Saints Of The West Rescue
Reno, Nevada
Affiliated with The Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 775-475-0420




Saints of the West has been rescuing Saint Bernards in Northern Nevada since 1997.  Our rescue facility is located on 40 acres, 18 miles north of Sparks.  All visits are by appointment only.  Please visit our website for contact information and to see all the Saints available for adoption.  Saints of the West is affiliated with the National Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation.  Qualified volunteers are always needed.   Saints of the West Website



Safe Haven Rescue

P.O. Box 184, Imlay, NV 89418 

(254) 219-0371


Safe Haven Wildlife Refuge Center, Inc. originated in 2000 to serve the needs of wildlife displaced by habitat loss due to urbanization.  We provide wildlife rescue, veterinary care, direct contact for emergency care, referrals to other facilities, and community support and education.  Our mission is to provide temporary care of orphaned and injured indigenous wildlife for release back to the wild.  Although most animals are released back to their natural environment, we are fortunate to be able to provide limited enclosure space for those in need of permanent placement to live out their lives, providing quality care with as much dignity as possible.  Safe Haven Rescue Website


Boxers and Buddies

Northern Nevada Boxer Rescue

P.O. Box 895, Virginia City, Nevada 89704

(877) 233-5738

Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Our parent organization, the well-known Boxer Rescue Los Angeles (Boxer Rescue Fund Inc.), was founded in 1977 out of love and fierce determination by Ursula Sauthier.  Today, Boxers and Buddies provides a safe, humane sanctuary for abandoned Boxers who are waiting to be adopted.  Boxers and Buddies is funded solely by private donation. Our entire organization is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our group works for the love of the breed and to see dogs find homes.

Boxers and Buddies Website